We specialize in Swedish Genealogy help


Currently only 2% of Scandinavian names are in FamilySearch. Our mission is to make that 100%.


We are a growing team of return-missionaries-turned-genealogists specializing in Swedish genealogy research. We are using our skills to continue our missions by helping you do your genealogy research, accumulate family stories, and teach you how to continue your research.

"That's awesome! I know my Pap is pleased. He was the first convert in his family. Thanks for the hard work and progress. Sorta speechless actually. Sorta makes me wanna cry. In a good way. Thanks"

After finding close to 1000 family names.

"This is such a blessing to us!!! I just wish you could teach me how you do all of this. I was stuck!!"


After a text update from NewLeaf that dozens of new names had been found

"Ohhhhh I can't believe it!!!! Hallelujah!!! 😘"


Broke through a difficult research barrier, opening up the tree to thousands of new names

Share with your Family

We'll upload everything we find to FamilySearch and put all our stories and reports online so you can easily share them with family.

Text Updates


When we find something exciting, we'll let you know right away!

Detailed Research Reports


We'll send a detailed report every other week (or when we finish your project) so you know exactly what you're getting.

"This is so cool and really connects us to a place and enables all sorts of interesting discussions. I can't tell you how amazing this is. You are changing the status quo in wonderful ways, family history will never be the same after new leaf!!!"


Received a report to share with relatives including maps, charts, graphs, pictures and stories.

"Thanks for doing this and for uploading it into the family tree!"


After being sent a story created from newly found records

"Great find and very innovative searching. I really admire the process."
After receiving a bi-weekly research report from NewLeaf

"This is such a blessing to us!!! I just wish you could teach me how you do all of this. I was stuck!!"

- Jan



Find your ancestors and cousins at very affordable rates. All research is input and uploaded to FamilySearch

Family Stories


Put together meaningful family stories, combining the records we find with what you know about your ancestors.

Temple Cards

For LDS members who would like them, we can reserve, print and mail your temple ordinance cards to you for free.

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